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Deacon Ministry at UPC

  • Phone calls

Twice a year, deacons contact all those who live in their neighborhoods to see how you are doing.
To ask: Is there anything about which you would like for us to be praying?

  • Visiting and sending cards

The sick.  The homebound.  Families with newborns.
Those with great joy or great sorrow.
Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice,
weep with those who weep.”

  • Deacon in the Narthex

Welcoming, helping, visiting.

  • Memorial Service Receptions

Soup to nuts.  Food, set-up, service, clean up.
Creating a time for families and friends to gather, remember, and be together.

  • Flowers

Taking flowers from UPC’s Sunday morning worship to those who will benefit form a gift of joy and beauty.

  • History

Coordinating, organizing, and preserving the history of UPC and creating a memorial book telling about the lives of those whose ashes are interred in the Anne McClamroch McFall Memorial Garden.

  • All of this and much, much more.

Currently serving Deacons are:

Class of 2017

Will Aldridge, II
Leigh Anderson
Lyn Billings
Jackie Heywood
Betty Hutton
Linda Lane
Brian Lange
CC Owen, Youth Deacon
Charlotte Pearce
Ted Richardson
Beverley Tyndall

Class of 2018

Michelle Abel-Shoup
Tabitha Alexander
Kathy Clemmons
Collette Drake
Jane Griffin
Caroline Jones
Patrick Kavanaugh
Sarah Owen
Nancy Pfaltzgraff

Class of 2019

Barbara Hedgepeth
Leslie Hicks
June Kendall
Laura Kirk
Keith Minton
Mike Olson
Ed Preston
Susan Swafford
Cass Swon

Deacon Neighborhoods

2017 University Presbyterian Church Deacon Neighborhoods        1.9.2017

Neighborhood #1
North Chapel, Hillsborough
Leigh Anderson

Neighborhood #2
Timberlyne, Piney Mountain
Laura Kirk

Neighborhood #3
Carol Woods
Betty Hutton, Ed Preston

Neighborhood #4
North Lakeshore
Lyn Billings

Neighborhood #5
Booker Creek, Erwin Road
Charlotte Pearce

Neighborhood #6
South Lakeshore, Estes Hills
Will Aldridge

Neighborhood #7
Colony Woods, Legion Road
Jane Griffin

Neighborhood #8
Homestead, Eubanks, Rogers Rd.
Nancy Pfaltzgraff

Neighborhood #9
Briarcliff, University Mall, Ridgefield
Susan Swafford

Neighborhood #10
Downtown Chapel Hill
Kathy Clemmons

Neighborhood #11
Caroline Jones

Neighborhood #12
Carolina Meadows
Jackie Heywood
Cass Swon

Neighborhood #13
Beverley Tyndall

Neighborhood #14
Michelle Abel-Shoup

Neighborhood #15
North Carrboro, Lake Hogan, and West
Patrick Kavanaugh

Neighborhood #16
Jones Ferry, Carrboro
Mike Olson

Neighborhood #17
Southern Chapel Hill
Tabitha Alexander

Neighborhood #18
Southern Village
Ted Richardson

Neighborhood #19
Polk’s Landing, Heritage Hills,
Brian Lange

Neighborhood #20
Fearrington Village
Barbara Hedgepath

Neighborhood #21
North/Central Durham
Leslie Hicks

Neighborhood #22
The Oaks
Keith Minton

Neighborhood #23
Southeast Chapel Hill, Governor’s
June Kendall

Neighborhood #24
The Cedars
Sarah Owens

Neighborhood #25
Galloway Ridge, Pittsboro, and points south
Linda Lane

Neighborhoods #26
Wake County and East
CC Owen

Neighborhoods #27
Woodcroft and Hope Valley, Durham
Collette Drake

Deacon Care Teams


Memorial Receptions
Responsible for coordinating the memorial receptions
(supplies, volunteers, the reception itself) with the church office.
The church office is able to contact volunteers once given a list/schedule of needs.
A calendar will be established so the church knows which deacon to contact when there is a need.
Shelley Adams, Leigh Anderson, Lyn Billings, Kathy Clemmons, Jane Griffin, Linda Lane, Nancy Pfaltzgraff, Linda Plunkett

Special Needs/Special Events/Babies/Flowers
Sending cards, Coordinating special events
(50+ reception, second Sunday lunch, or any others that are imagined or carried out throughout the year)
Welcoming new babies by taking a book to the families
Delivering flowers from Sunday worship on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning to older UPC members
Alison Bevin, Cam Huffman, Caroline Jones, Brian Lange, Jeri Oliaro, Sarah Owen,
Allis Rodelli, Michelle Abel-Shoup

Older Adult
There is a growing population of UPC members who are choosing to age in place.
Less able to get out and around, this care team will work with these individuals on their specific situations, beginning with connecting with each of these individuals
on a monthly basis (phone, cards, visits….)
The primary goal is to help those who are aging-in-place stay connected to their faith community.
Ted Richardson, Charlotte Pearce, Patrick Kavanaugh

Carol Woods
Visiting, attending monthly worship, planning at least one gathering annually,
and/or other projects or outreaches that the care team may decide would be helpful.
Betty Hutton, Matt Singleton

Carolina Meadows
Visiting, attending monthly worship, planning at least one gathering annually,
and/or other projects or outreaches that the care team may decide would be helpful.
Jackie Heywood, Judy Warbuton

Oral History/ /UPC History/Garden Memorial Book
Continuing the process of organizing various documents from UPC’s history
Exploring how we can utilize the many oral histories gathered in recent years
Gathering information about those whose ashes are interred in the memorial garden
for a memorial book.
Laura Baxley , Beverley Tyndall, Tabitha Alexander

Deacon Leadership/Neighborhood Care/Deacon to Deacon
The leaders of the Diaconate will coordinate meeting agendas, publicity items, minutes, training, etc.
They will also seek to be deacons to deacons.
Will Aldridge, Collette Drake