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Deacon Ministry at UPC

  • Phone calls

Twice a year, deacons contact all those who live in their neighborhoods to see how you are doing.
To ask: Is there anything about which you would like for us to be praying?

  • Visiting and sending cards

The sick.  The homebound.  Families with newborns.
Those with great joy or great sorrow.
Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice,
weep with those who weep.”

  • Memorial Service Receptions

Soup to nuts.  Food, set-up, service, clean up.
Creating a time for families and friends to gather, remember, and be together.

  • Flowers

Taking flowers from UPC’s Sunday morning worship to those who will benefit form a gift of joy and beauty.

  • History

Coordinating, organizing, and preserving the history of UPC and creating a memorial book telling about the lives of those whose ashes are interred in the Anne McClamroch McFall Memorial Garden.

  • All of this and much, much more.

Currently serving Deacons are:

Class of 2021

Nancy Avery
Kara Aycock
Shipley Jenkins
Dallas Pridgen
Jim Schultz
Jan Simmons
Ken Younts

Class of 2022

Lee Ann Buck
Mickey Herrin
Chuck Osborne
Ken Pearce
Bill Sanford
Katherine Savage
Jim Snapper
Kristen Stewart
Tracy Woody

Class of 2023

Jesse Basnight, Jr.
Abbie DeVries
Fred Hill
Ella Kavanaugh (Youth Deacon)
Gwendolyn Lamb
Doug Lawson
Day McLaughlin
Samantha Schilling
Craig Shreve
Robin Thomas

Deacon Neighborhoods

2021 University Presbyterian Church Deacon Neighborhoods        1.14.21

Neighborhood #1
North Chapel, Hillsborough
Jim Snapper

Neighborhood #3
Carol Woods
Katherine Savage

Neighborhood #4
North Lakeshore
Gwen Lamb

Neighborhood #5
Booker Creek, Erwin Road
Abby DeVries

Neighborhood #6
South Lakeshore, Estes Hills
Jesse Basnight, Jr.

Neighborhood #7
Colony Woods, Legion Road
Ken Younts

Neighborhood #8
Homestead, Eubanks, Rogers Rd.
Sam Schilling

Neighborhood #9
Briarcliff, University Mall, Ridgefield
Kristen Stewart

Neighborhood #10
Downtown Chapel Hill
Jan Simmons

Neighborhood #11
Jim Schultz

Neighborhood #12
Carolina Meadows
Lee Ann Buck

Neighborhood #13
Day McLaughlin

Neighborhood #14
Doug Lawson

Neighborhood #15
North Carrboro, Lake Hogan, and West
Dallas Pridgen

Neighborhood #16
Jones Ferry, Carrboro
Mickey Herrin

Neighborhood #17
Southern Chapel Hill
Kara Aycock

Neighborhood #18
Southern Village
Ella Kavanaugh

Neighborhood #19
Polk’s Landing, Heritage Hills,
Robin Thomas

Neighborhood #20
Fearrington Village
Ken Pearce

Neighborhood #21
North/Central Durham
Bill Sanford

Neighborhood #22
The Oaks
Tracy Woody

Neighborhood #23
Southeast Chapel Hill, Governor’s
Chuck Osborne

Neighborhood #24
The Cedars
Shannon Pace

Neighborhood #25
Galloway Ridge, Pittsboro
Fred Hill

Neighborhoods #26
Wake County and East
Craig Shreve

Neighborhoods #27 and #2
Woodcroft and Hope Valley, Durham, Timberlyne, Piney Mountain
Shipley Jenkins

Deacon Care Teams


Memorial Receptions– Dallas Pridgen, Kristen Stewart, Jan Simmons

This team is responsible for coordinating memorial receptions: providing food, volunteering to set up, host, and cleanup. Each member of this care team will serve as coordinator for two months out of the year

**Need daytime, last-minute flexibility since most services happen short-notice and often during the week. Members of this team should be in town often enough and flexible enough to attend most memorial services and generally be willing to stay the whole time.


Cards and Flowers– Kara Aycock, Shannon Pace, Mickey Herrin

Each member of this team signs up for two months worth of Sundays to deliver flowers from Sunday worship on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning to UPC members on the congregational care list.  Each member also takes two months of sending cards to the members on the congregational care list.


Older Adult Ministry– Jim Schultz, Chuck Osborne

This team will assess needs among older adults for transportation, fellowship, and intergenerational contact, and they will begin laying a foundation for a visitation ministry in the church.


Home Communions– Lee Ann Buck, Bill Sanford

This team will coordinate deacons to carry communion to those who are homebound four times a year.  Involves: calling those who are homebound to determine receptivity, ensuring that sufficient deacons are signed up for each session, pairing up servers and receivers.  Training and liturgy will be provided by the church staff.


Carol Woods– Katherine Savage, Jim Snapper

This team is particularly charged with caring for the Carol Woods (a continuing care retirement facility) population.  They visit residents as needed, attend the monthly worship services (3rd Sunday of the month at 4pm), and plan at least one gathering annually.


Carolina Meadows– Lee Ann Buck, Ken Pearce

This team is particularly charged with caring for the Carolina Meadows (a continuing care retirement facility) population.  They visit residents as needed, attend the monthly worship services (2nd Sunday of the month at 4pm), and plan at least one gathering annually.


Meal Train– Bill Sanford

These two coordinators will develop and maintain a list of congregational volunteers willing to bring meals to individuals or families dealing with short-term illness.  As needed, this team will work with the families to deduce need, dietary concerns, and method of meal delivery and then coordinate a schedule of meals for a period of one to twelve weeks.  *Need familiarity and comfort with an online system like Signup Genius


Dinner Groups– Shipley Jenkins

There has been significant interest in the formation of fellowship groups to help people get to know each other outside of the church setting and to foster a greater sense of community within out congregation. This new care team will research, organize, and launch this program at UPC.


Deacon Co-moderators/Deacons to Deacon – Ken Younts, Tracy Woody

The leaders of the Diaconate will coordinate meeting agendas, publicity items, minutes, training, etc.

They will also seek to be deacons to deacons.