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The Session is the governing body of University Presbyterian Church. It oversees all the committees and serves as the church’s representative and voice in presbytery and denominational discussions.

Currently serving Elders are:

Class of 2020

Vicki Bae-Jump
Richard Duncan
Bob Johnson
Lisa Lord
Lou Pons
Than Powell
Virginia Pridgen, Youth Elder
Judy Redwine
Tim Taft

Class of 2021

Woody Burns
Claire Curran
Frances Hess
Susan Jackson
David Moreau
Joan Page
Walter Plunkett
Tom Warburton

Class of 2022

Mellicent Blythe
Katherine Bouldin
Jeff Howard
Alison Kavanaugh
Ken Krzyzewski
Vicki Lotz
Laura Piver
Lee White

Clerk of Session

Allison Chambers

Policy and Procedures