Children’s Sunday School

Sunday School for Children and Youth

9:45am – 10:45am

2ndGradeClassHow do we pass along our faith and tradition to our children? How can we be sure we are laying a foundation that will sustain and encourage them for years to come? The ancient Israelites planned and prepared for the time when their children would ask faith questions and even placed markers that would entice those questions. Could we do the same?

Each Sunday morning, UPC Sunday School Greeters will be strategically located near the entrances of the building. Greeters are also our Nursery Staff, dressed in bright blue shirts. As members and visitors find their way to classrooms and nurseries, these folks will be available to welcome and direct.

To find out more about our nursery care for infants and young children, click here.


Class Locations: 


3 & 4 year olds: Rm 128

Kindergarten: Rm 135

1st & 2nd Grade: Rm 122

3rd Grade: Rm 220

4th Grade: Rm 224

5th Grade: Rm 215

6th & 7th Grade: Rm 136

Confirmation: Youth Center

High School: PCM Lounge