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Presbyterian Youth Connection

Welcome to Presbyterian Youth Connection!

PYC is a place for all 6th-12th graders to connect to the Church
and each other as we live into our call to follow Christ.

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Youth Group Schedule Race Equity Intensive
(Spring 2021)
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Click here for resources on anxiety and depression in teens.

Presbyterian Youth Connection 2020-2021

Connect with your UPC Faith Family as we continue to grow our faith, even during a pandemic. Regular zooms and occasional (distanced and masked) parking lot visits will keep us in touch with one another, give us a space to share our burdens, and help us grow in faith as we stay safe.

Sun, Dec 20 – “Singing’s my favorite!” Wear your craziest Christmas clothing and join us for covid safe Christmas Caroling. New research shows that singing while masked for 30 minutes or less, outdoors and distanced, is safe. We will gather in the UPC Parking lot for some Christmas Caroling fun and games. Time between songs will allow for aerosols to settle. All 6th-12th graders are invited to join in!

SIGN UP NOW for PYC’s spring Race Equity Intensive.
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Sun, Jan 3rd – Faith Connections on Mental Illness presents: Is everyone anxious, or is it just me? Teens and Tweens are invited to join in for a zoom call featuring Sophie Riegel. This hour and a half event will help participants learn about anxiety, how to remove stigma, how to support friends, and gain coping strategies for these anxious days. 3pm-4:30pm.  Click here to register for zoom link.

Jan 10 – Race Equity Intensive, Session 1, 7pm, via Zoom.  Sign up is required. Sign up by clicking here.

Jan 17 – S’mores and Stories – how we tell our own story shapes others. We’ll learn about the art of story telling in life and in scripture and maybe even tell a few of our own. We’ll make s’mores safely over individual burners.

Jan 24 – Race Equity Intensive, Session 2, 7pm, via Zoom

Jan 31 – Games in the Lot! Let’s play and shake off our winter blahs.

Feb 7 – Race Equity Intensive, Session 3, 7pm, via Zoom

Feb 14 – Love really is all around. We’ll take time to create notes of love that we then distribute all over Franklin St for others to find. 3pm-5pm.

Feb 21 – Race Equity Intensive, Session 4, 7pm, via Zoom

Feb 28 – Skits! – bible stories retold for our times. Laughter guaranteed.

March 7 – Race Equity Intensive, Session 5, 7pm, zoom

March 14 – Youth Sunday Parking Lot Viewing on the big screen, 7-8pm

March 21 – Race Equity Intensive, Session 6, 7pm, zoom

March 28 – Hike! (spring break starts, sign up required) 

April 4 – Easter – no programming

April 11 – Race Equity Intensive, Session 7, 7pm, zoom

April 18 –  TBA

April 25 – Race Equity Intensive, Session 8, 7pm, zoom

May 2 – Planting seeds and Painting Pots 

May 9 – TBA

May 16 – TBA

Summer Trips 2021

There will be no middle school spring break service trip in 2021.

UPC will not participate in Appalachia Service Project this summer. We invite both middle and high school youth and parents to hold the week of July 11th for local service projects. More info after the first of the year.

If we are able to attend Montreat Youth Conference in person, registration will take place in early March and the conference will happen the week of June 11th.

Music and Worship Conference – TBA



Youth Race Equity Intensive

Sign up is required. Sign up by clicking here.

This Racial Equity Intensive is an 8 week commitment designed for youth who desire to better understand the foundations of white privilege and the role Christians play in dismantling racism in our country. Our beliefs will be challenged in ways that bring about a better understanding of our individual and collective responsibility. We will use music, videos, movies, and history to help inform our place and role in the struggle toward justice. Each week our group will wrestle with our own understanding as we come into new ways of seeing race and how we play a part in the systems of oppression that have long been a part of our country’s identity. Through our collective work and some that you will do on your own, we will grow, stretch, and learn.

Our hope is to examine the history of racial inequality in the US and how we, as Christians, can work for equity and reconciliation. Specifically, we’ll examine:

  • The concepts of bias and white washing
  • The history of slavery and what we’ve learned in school compared to what voices might be silenced regarding the history of slavery.
  • Explore the documentary 13th  and the 13th Amendment. We’ll explore the criminalization of persons of color, the school to prison pipeline, and more.
  • The concept of systemic oppression and how that has been expressed over time.
  • The names and stories of many who have died because of the color of their skin and examine what systems of oppression led to their death.
  • The concepts of white privilege, how to actively be anti-racist, and how to navigate conveersations with friends and family about race equity.
  • Which passages of scripture remind us of God’s call to equity.
  • How God calls us to eradicate racism and inequity in our own relationships, community; and how God calls our congregation to work towards reconciliation.

We will meet on the following Sundays at 7:00pm via zoom: Jan 10 and 24, Feb 7 and 21, Mar 7 and 21, April 18, May 2nd. Youth are asked to commit to all 8 sessions. This group will grow deep in relationship with one another and that is best formed when all are committed to being present each week. 

Session 1: Covenant building;  Importance of this conversation; What is Bias and what do we do about it? What is whitewashing?
Session 2: How did we get here? (From 1619 to Present); 13th amendment; Bias test results and discussion around bias.
Session 3: Systematic Oppression – what is it and how does it impact people of color? Say their Names: Share the stories of those who have died because of the color of their skin and discussion about what system of oppression led to their death.
Session 4: White Privilege: what is it? how do we get it? what does it mean for our communities? Take a self-inventory on our own privilege.
Session 5: Anti-Racist: what does it mean to be anti-racist and how can I talk to others about it? How can we respond when someone we love says or does racist things?
Session 6: Parable of the Lost; Equality, Equity, and Liberation; White Fragility; Affirmative Action
Session 7: Racism and micro-agressions; Dreams for America
Session 8: Colorism; Where do we go from here? Goal setting for our church, ourselves, our city.

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PYC is built on the Five Intentions of Youth Ministry set forth by the PC(USA).


  • To call young people to be disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • To respond to the needs and the interests of young people.
  • To work together, youth and adults, in partnership.
  • To be connected to the whole church, community, and the world.
  • To include all young people, reaching out and inviting them to belong to the community of faith.