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Extended Communion Ministry

The deacons have developed an extended communion program, through which a pair of deacons visit homes on certain Sundays to share the sacrament from the morning service. This extension of the feast is a reminder of God’s love and grace and connects those unable to attend our community of faith.

If someone you know would benefit from receiving home communion on a one-time or ongoing basis, please contact Jarrett McLaughlin at or (919) 929-2102.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I be “homebound” to receive extended communion? 

No. We recognize that many are able to attend Sunday morning services, but there are times and situations when that can be a challenge.    

What if I haven’t attended church recently?

No explanation regarding your recent attendance is necessary. The deacons would like to offer this ministry to anyone who wishes to receive the sacrament even if you have not attended church in months or years.

What if I live in a retirement community, assisted living or long-term care facility? 

We are happy to make a visit to your facility or community.

What should I do to prepare for a visit?

Beyond preparing your heart for our visit, absolutely nothing is necessary. In other words, please do not feel the need to clean or prepare.

What can I expect during our visit, and how long will it last?

A pair of deacons will visit, and visits range in time. But you can expect 20 minutes to one hour on average. In addition to sharing the sacrament, we’d like to share several scripture readings, pray with you, and provide a summary from the morning’s sermon.

What if a caregiver or family member lives with me?

They are certainly invited to receive the sacrament, as well, and we hope they will join us!

I would like to receive extended communion, but I am hesitant to bother anyone.  Do the deacons really have time to offer this?

Absolutely! There is a subcommittee of deacons specifically focusing on extended communion, and they would be delighted to visit you.

Could I try receiving extended communion one time, or will I be placed on a recurring schedule?

We are happy to make a one-time visit, or, you can be placed on a recurring schedule list. Everyone has different needs, and we want to extend this ministry in a way that is comfortable to you.