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Fall 2020

Fall Update Message


Dear Friends,

Yesterday, your Session continued their faithful struggle with what it means to be church during this pandemic. We write this long missive to share some decisions as we turn toward the Fall. We will not be “back to normal” for the foreseeable future. What do we mean by “foreseeable future?” It means that we envision the session’s decisions will guide our life together until the pandemic meaningfully changes, which most likely means until North Carolina moves beyond Phase 3 of the reopening strategy and until there is a vaccine for COVID19.

We would like nothing more than for there to be a definitive end or “until” date for these decisions, but while our impatience with pandemic implications grows, the realities behind our current situation remain unchanged.

And so, we will:
continue to worship online,
encourage outdoor gatherings over indoor ones,
strictly limit the number of participants in weddings, memorials, and meetings,
and require mask wearing and distancing.

It’s disappointing, of course, because this disruption of normal church routines is just one of the many unravelings that have taken place in this covid time. So much of life seems to be coming apart at the seams: our plans for school and work and life together, our expectations of how long this would last and how we would fare. Layer that upon the national uprisings and political anxiety. In so many respects, this year has come undone. Thus, your staff and session have been hard at work to strengthen the church as it stands strong even among the loose ends. Just because something has unraveled doesn’t mean God can’t take those threads and knit something altogether new.

Thus, beginning in mid-September, UPC will be embarking on a fresh approach to church. Worship will be tied together by an overarching theme, Unraveled, with scripture that speaks to our current life. Accompanying this series, we’ve designed a curriculum designed for small groups. UPC friends (who are 6th grade and up) are all invited to be a part of an intentional, intergenerational group of friends committed to gathering weekly for 8 weeks, either via zoom or distanced in a backyard, for the purpose of deepened relationships to God and one another. Expect a reach out soon!

Be assured of our gratitude for your presence with us here at UPC. It is good to be the church together!

Peace be with you,

Meg and Jarrett

As the church continues to adapt to our new pandemic reality and as so much of our “normal” comes unraveled, we are glad to offer new ways of building relationships and growing together in faith. Even as life seems to be coming apart at the seams, your church family can help hold things together as we hold fast to God. Just because something has unraveled doesn’t mean God can’t take that thread and make something new.



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