Lenten Devotional Opportunities

Feb 15, 2021

Lent is a 40 day period of repentance, reflection, and prayer as we prepare for Easter. In order to focus on God during this liturgical season, many people often give up something, add a spiritual practice, or follow a specific Bible reading or devotional plan. Here are a few opportunities you can use during this Lent:

Walk to Jerusalem

UPC Walk to Jerusalem

As a congregation, we are “walking” 6112 miles together – the approximate distance from Chapel Hill to Jerusalem. 1 mile is 20 minutes of physical, spiritual, or volunteer activities.

To sign up, access the devotional, and log your weekly mileage, click here.

Eco-Justice Journey Resources

The Presbyterian Mission Agency has shared both a daily Lenten calendar and weekly Lenten devotional centered around earth care, in the hopes that slowing down and intentionally choosing to care for the earth during Lent will help create more mindful behaviors throughout the year. To learn more and download these resources, click here.

Lenten Micropractices

Presbyterian Youth Connection will be participating in Lenten Micropractices via Instagram. What’s a micropractice? A micropractice is a small spiritual practice. Instead of engaging the same spiritual practice throughout Lent, the micropractices are meant to give a sample across many different styles of practices. Some are active, some are reflective. They will make you think, take action, connect with God and others, and live into your Christian life. You can find each day’s micropractice on the PYC Instagram account @upcpyc.