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A Letter to Our Community
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

To the people of our beloved communities in the Chapel Hill area: your clergy greet you in the name of God. We write to tell you a story of solidarity and friendship, and to share with you our unanimous decision not to regather our worshiping communities at this time.

In the early days of the pandemic, a diverse group of local faith leaders began to meet for mutual
support, to share ideas, and to coordinate across our many institutions. We lead churches and synagogues of all sizes and denominations. Since the beginning, all of our conversations have been aided by expert medical and infectious disease advice. Very quickly we discovered our common ground: our houses of worship needed to suspend all in-person gatherings until the crisis had passed. We wanted to act together—not only to protect our members—but also our neighbors, friends, and families. We did not act out of fear; we acted out of the love nurtured by our faith in God.

Those first weeks are long past and now we know there is no clear or tidy end in sight for the
pandemic. Yet, all of our communities have discovered new ways of keeping in touch, gathering in virtual assemblies and minyanim, and loving God and our neighbors. Each of us can clearly say, by God’s grace, that while our houses of worship may not meet, our communities thrive and flourish. We are, by every definition of the word, essential.

Many of us are weary of social distancing requirements. We all long to gather, to sing a new song and share our sacred stories. We miss our rites and traditions. As your pastors, ministers, priests, and rabbis, please know that we ache for the day we can return to in-person worship, fellowship, and community. But that time is not now. The love that caused us to suspend our gatherings—even before we had to—is the same love which calls us to keep the doors of our sanctuaries closed, despite any permission or encouragement we might have from elected officials. The medical advice we have received is clear: it is not yet safe for us to meet. We also know this in our hearts.

The virus has killed over 100,000 Americans and wreaked havoc in almost every area of our lives.
Many of you have lost your jobs. Life in COVID-19 feels like a succession of losses. We pledge our help, our prayers, our service, and the strength and goodwill of our faith communities as we mourn, heal, and restore. Our interfaith clergy group will continue to meet for support, to stay on top of the latest medical advice, and make plans together.

When the time is right, we will gather again in our holy places. We will celebrate again. We will lift up our hearts in prayer and song again. But that time is not now. We wish you every blessing and God’s peace.

Yours in faith,
Cameron Barr, United Church of Chapel Hill
Justin Coleman, University United Methodist Church
Rodney Coleman, First Baptist Church
Michael Cousin, St. Paul AME
Jen Feldman, Kehillah Synagogue
Clarke French, Church of the Holy Family (Episcopal)
DaMarcus Johnson, Life Church
Barry Jones, University Baptist Church
Jay Kennett, Hillsboro United Church of Christ
Matt Leroy, Love Chapel Hill
Curt Lowndes, The Gathering Church
Marcus McFaul, Binkley Baptist Church
Jarrett & Meg McLaughlin, University Presbyterian
Elizabeth Marie Melchionna, Chapel of the Cross
Will Rose, Holy Trinity Lutheran
Adam Seate, Orange United Methodist Church
Ben Williams, Christ United Methodist Church

Staff Messages

Discipleship Resources

Worship Service- May 24

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service- May 17

Worship Service- May 17

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service- May 10

Worship Service- May 10

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service- May 3

Worship Service- May 3

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service- April 25

Worship Service- April 25

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service- April 19

Worship Service- April 19

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service- April 12- Easter Sunday

Worship Service- April 12- Easter Sunday

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Holy Week- Good Friday (4/10) and Maundy Thursday (4/9)

Good Friday- April 10

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Maundy Thursday- April 9

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service- April 5

Worship Service- April 5 (Palm Sunday)

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service- March 29

Worship Service- March 29

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service- March 22

Worship Service- March 22

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Worship Service (Youth Sunday)- March 15

Youth Sunday’s Worship Service

Online giving is possible even while we aren’t gathering for worship.

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Children’s Resources

Contact Nancy ( for more information.

Godly Play

March 22 Godly Play Story – Zacchaeus

Stay in Touch with Your Church Family

Marco Polo
Families with children are invited to stay in touch using the Marco Polo app. Marco Polo combines the best of texting, social media and video chats – all in one private, easy to use app.  Prompts will be posted each day, and families can respond at their convenience.  Once you have downloaded the app, please email or text Nancy to be added to the group!
Marco Polo on Apple Store
Marco Polo on Google Play

Daily (M-F) Read-alouds on Zoom
Nancy will be choosing a picture book to read aloud on Zoom each day at 11:00 a.m.  If it works for you one day and not another, that’s fine!  She will read to whoever happens to be on that day.  If you know you want to participate, it might be helpful to set an alarm on your phone that repeats daily on weekdays.  Please check your email for the Zoom link!

Activities to Do at Home

Please click on this ever-evolving google doc for ideas to do at home!  If you have ideas to add to the list, please email them to Nancy.

Here are some additional “Boredom Busters”

Ways for Children & Families to Serve Older Adults

There may be older adults at UPC who need to have grocery runs, prescription runs, etc. done for them and delivered to them.  Additionally, we have members who could use some extra joy right now in the form of cards in the mail!  Please use the form linked here to “opt-in” to either or both of these ways to serve, and we will be in touch as needs arise.

Youth Resources

Stay in Touch with Your PYC Peers

Weekly Youth Zoom Calls

Youth are invited to connect via zoom Wednesday and Sunday.

Middle School Zoom: Wednesday and Sunday at 3:30pm

High School Zoom: Wednesday and Sunday at 2:30pm

Email Kim for meeting ID

Prayer Partners
Prayer partners are one way we can be intentional about caring for one another in these uncertain times. Youth should sign up below to be matched with another youth. You can pray for one another daily, send encouragement over email or text, or even go old school and mail a letter. We all need a little joy showing up in our world right now. sign up here

Group Me App
Youth are invited to sign up for texting groups via the Group Me app. You’ll need to download the app and be sure to allow notifications. We’ll have check-ins with one another and use this as a way to stay connected, request prayers, vent, and find a little fun in the midst of it all.

After you download the app, click to join:

High School Group Me

Middle School Group Me


March 22 at home lesson – Science and Faith

March 29 at home lesson – Holy Week

March 31 – Confirmation Class Zoom call. Check your email for the meeting ID.

April 5 at home lesson – Statements of Faith

April 12 – Celebrate Easter online! How many services can you experience today through the web?

April 19 – Statement of faith final touches. Finish yours and email to Kim by Monday 4/20.

Spiritual Formation Resources

Online Study- The Gospel of Mark

Adult Education: April 5 – May 24
Join us online as we study the Gospel of Mark. Each Sunday, connect through Zoom at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm, so we can check-in, pray together, and discuss two chapters of scripture.
Send your questions to Kate at

Click Here for Meeting Links and Videos

Daily Devotions

The PC(USA) has a daily lectionary of scripture passages. Use this site to expand your daily devotional life with God’s Word.

Follow along with the daily Lenten devotional produced by Presbyterians TodayBecoming a Beloved Community:  A Matthew 25 journey to the cross.


Jan Richardson is a pastor, poet, painter, and artist who shares her work through The Painted Prayerbook. Follow her reflections over the season of Lent, or enter a passage that sparks your curiosity. Her blessings are often quoted in sermons, emails, and newsletters across the church.

Read Franciscan Richard Rohr’s response to COVID-19: Love Alone Overcomes Fear.
Sign up for his daily meditations here.

Active Service

Start following the daily reflection/action calendar and Tread Lightly for Lent as we continue to live into our Earth Care pledge as a church family in our homes and new patterns of daily living.

Check out other options for serving our community through the Ways to Serve tab.


Connect with other stories from people around the world.

Krista Tippett interviews people of faith through the On Being Project. The project “explores the intersection of spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, community, poetry, and the arts.” Listen to the recorded interviews or read the transcripts as Tippett interviews Brené Brown, John O’Donohue, and Isabel Wilkerson, among many others.

Pandemic Poem


What if you thought of it
as the Jews consider the Sabbath—
the most sacred of times?
Cease from travel.
Cease from buying and selling.
Give up, just for now,
on trying to make the world
different than it is.
Sing. Pray. Touch only those
to whom you commit your life.
Center down.

And when your body has become still,
reach out with your heart.
Know that we are connected
in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.
(You could hardly deny it now.)
Know that our lives
are in one another’s hands.
(Surely, that has come clear.)
Do not reach out your hands.
Reach out your heart.
Reach out your words.
Reach out all the tendrils
of compassion that move, invisibly,
where we cannot touch.

Promise this world your love–
for better or for worse,
in sickness and in health,
so long as we all shall live.

–Lynn Ungar 3/11/20

Ways to Serve

Children and Schools

Volunteer to Deliver Meals to School Children

With the public schools closed for 3 weeks, there are as many as 1000 children who will still need meals they typically receive during the school day.  UPC has pledged to provide 18 volunteers to staff 3 of the 20 scattered sites where meals will be delivered on Monday and going forward.

For this first day (Monday, March 16), there will be a training at 10:30 am at the Homestead Aquatic Center and we’ll be deployed by school bus to various locations to deliver meals and help organize the people and maintain social distancing.
Requirements: Volunteers must be 19 or older and MUST BE HEALTHY.  If you show any signs of illness please refrain from volunteering.

How to Volunteer: Please fill out the google form to add yourself to the School’s tracking system AND use the Sign-Up Genius link for UPC’s internal communication.

Thank you for answering this call. Let’s be the Church, folks.

Donate Food to Table

TABLE has a plan to deliver bags of healthy non-perishables and produce door-to-door to as many of the 727 children they currently serve as possible. TABLE has a Wish List of items and accepts direct food and cash donations:

Click Here for Table’s Wish List

Diaper Bank of North Carolina

The Diaper Bank of North Carolina provides diapers and personal hygiene products to families. Currently their greatest need is for Size 2 and Size 5 diapers, baby wipes and Ziploc bags. Donations of diapers and supplies can be dropped off at 1311 E. Club Blvd., Durham, 27704 or a cash donation can be made on-line:

Orange County Schools

Orange County Schools: Weaver Street Market-Hillsborough will be delivering food to Central (8 a.m.) and New Hope Elementary Schools (11:15 a.m.) for families. Volunteers are needed to break down pallets, organize boxes and bag items. Write to

IFC Needs


IFC is reporting that residents in their Permanent Supportive Housing programs need assistance to purchase sanitizer, wipes, spray cleaning supplies etc. for their households.  Here is the link for donations:

Also, our shelters are going to need more food (hot meals, lunch food and snacks) with the kids home the next three weeks. The meal groups are starting to cancel, so will lose that source of food. Community House is always in need of hot meals, and the need will be greater with so many people staying in. Here are key contacts:

  • Ka’Tiera Truett, Community House Manager –
  • Tracey Hagan, HomeStart Manager –
  • Kristin Lavergne, Community Services Director (for the Community Kitchen and Food Pantry) –
  • Stephani Kilpatrick, Residential Services Director (for Housing Support Programs) –

Refugee Support Center

Refugee Support Center (RSC)

RSC annually serves over 1,000 refugees whose needs are increasing daily during the crisis. With your assistance, the RSC can provide Food Lion gift cards, assist with rent and/or purchase diapers. Your financial assistance can go a long way to help refugee families remain stable during this trying time.

Please use the link below to donate for refugees during this vulnerable time for us all.


Meals on Wheels Chapel Hill-Carrboro

Meals on Wheels Chapel Hill-Carrboro will continue delivering meals to seniors once a week, providing meals to cover five days of the week.Cash donations are needed. You can mail check or money order to: Chapel Hill-Carrboro Meals on Wheels, PO Box 2102, Chapel Hill NC 27515.  Or donate online here:

Food Bank Needs

Iglesia Emanuel’s Food Bank

Brothers and sisters: Due to the current crisis, we at Iglesia Emanuel are receiving more people in need of food assistance, with more needs than we are able to meet with our current level of resources. In addition, as this crisis deepens, many of our usually self-sufficient members will undoubtedly lose their jobs, be ineligible for any type of government assistance, and be in desperate need of  emergency food assistance. We plan to maintain our food bank open as long as possible, to help those in need. We are taking all precautions to avoid contagion between and among recipients and volunteers, only allowing a few people into the building at a time and using protective equipment such as gloves and masks.

If your church or members would like to contribute to this effort to assist our vulnerable community members, we would be grateful for any and all donations. The safest and most helpful way to contribute is by making a financial contribution at our website:

Iglesia Emanuel Paypal link

If you prefer, you can notify us if you would like to drop off non-perishable food on the front steps of the church for us to collect. The most needed items are:

pasta (including macaroni & cheese)
canned food (soup, beans, fruit, salmon, tomato sauce)
snacks for kids

Thank you very much for your generosity and concern in this time of need. Also, please continue to keep us in your prayers. We will be livestreaming  and archiving our services through youtube for now, so as to support social distancing. You can find our services at this link:

Iglesia Presbiteriana Emanuel youtube channel


Resources Identified

  • El Centro’s website is frequently being updated with COVID19-related free resources. Some notable options are:
    • Medical care for parents:
      • El Centro has a mobile unit that offers free medical services (check back on here for location and time)
    • Food:
    • Education:
      • education companies offering free subscriptions
      • virtually visit museums
      • Spectrum will offer free internet to students without access because of COVID19. Call 1-844-488-8395 or readmore.
      • Comcast says it will offer 2 months of free internet to low-income households in its service area
    • Utilities:
      • Duke Energy suspended disconnection for nonpayment
      • AT&T would waive internet data overage for those with capped data plans
      • Verizon will waive late fees and not terminate services for 60 days
  • Mental health:
    • The Mental Health Task Force compiled an updated list of resources of local, state, and national organizations that offer support for children, teens, adults, the LGBTQ community, addiction services, and crisis centers.
    • Optum has a toll-free 24-hour Emotional Support Help Line at 866-342-6892 for people who may be experiencing anxiety or stress around COVID-19.
    • LME/MCOs can provide resources for Medicaid beneficiaries and individuals without insurance.
    • The National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-TALK) offers free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources and best practices for professionals.
    • Handout of Parent/Caregiver Guide to helping kids cope with COVID-19 from National Child Traumatic Stress Network
    • Handout with tips for mental health during social isolation from SAMHSA
    • Info from WHO on psychologically coping with an outbreak
  • Multilingual handouts and flyers for patients/families:
  • Social Media
    • Graphics from NC DHHS to use on social media to spread the word

Psychological Resources Identified

Name Source & Link
“Coping with Stress”
US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):
“Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19” US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):
“Taking Care of your
Emotional Health”
US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):
“Helping Children Cope
with Emergencies”
US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):
RedBook Online
COVID-19 Outbreak page
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):
Q & A on Coronaviruses World Health Organization (WHO):
Coronavirus & Mental Health:
Taking Care of Ourselves
During Infections Disease Outbreaks
American Psychiatric Association (APA):
Coronavirus & Emerging
Infectious Disease
Outbreaks Response
Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS):
Taking Care of your Family during Coronavirus Fact Sheet Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS):
Research Information: Pandemics American Psychological Association:
Five Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus American Psychological Association:
Speaking of Psychology: Coronavirus Anxiety American Psychological Association:
Parent/Cargiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with COVID-19 The National Child Traumatic Stress Network:
Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus National Public Radio:
Talking to Teens & Tweens about Coronavirus The New York Times: