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Pastor Nominating Committee – The Time is Now!

The congregation is invited to suggest names of church members to be considered to serve on a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC), which will place in nomination to the congregation a candidate for our next Installed Pastor/Head of Staff. Scroll down for the link to fill out a suggestion form. The Nominating Committee will receive names through Sunday, April 29.

PNC Job Description

Summary of the position: Persons elected by the congregation to serve on this committee will have the responsibility of serving as part of a nine-member Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) which will select and place in nomination to the congregation a candidate for the installed Pastor/Head of Staff of UPC.

Specific duties: Selection of our next Pastor/Head of Staff is of major importance to the future of UPC. Service on the PNC will require an enormous commitment of both time and energy. Members of the PNC should expect to meet as frequently as once a week for the duration of the search process, which could last for a year or more. Members of this committee must be prepared and willing to work as a team, putting congregational needs above personal preferences. Members of the PNC must honor the confidentiality of the search process.

During the selection process, the duties of the committee will include, but are not be limited to:

  • completion of a Mission Information Form (MIF), a multipage document to be submitted to the Session and the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM);
  • reading and evaluating Personal Information Forms (PIFs) submitted by potential candidates;
  • conducting reference checking on candidates of interest;
  • developing a short list of prospective pastors;
  • interviewing potential pastors (potentially away from the local area) and during their visits to the church community (travel expenses will be reimbursed by the church);
  • selecting a candidate to be placed in nomination before the congregation;
  • negotiating terms of call for the candidate;
  • arranging with the Presbytery for appropriate examinations and approvals;
  • maintaining ongoing communication with the congregation, Session, and COM;
  • actively praying to discern God’s leading throughout the selection process;
  • introducing the candidate to the congregation.

The work of the PNC will end with the installation of the new pastor.

Qualities of candidates: All members of the PNC must exhibit the following qualities:

  • a willingness to listen and a desire to discern God’s leading
  • active participation in the worship and work of UPC
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • a track record of following through on commitments
  • the ability to honor a confidential process
  • the ability to put congregational needs above personal preferences
  • a willingness to speak up in a group

In addition, the following qualities/skills should be represented somewhere on the PNC
(not everyone needs to possess these qualities/skills):

  • comfort in working online
  • organizational skills
  • hospitality
  • interviewing skills
  • writing skills

Pastoral Nominating Committee Suggestion Form