At University Presbyterian Church, youth are invited to engage in a year of study before they join the church as a member. Over the course of this year, our youth learn what it means to be a member in a church and gain a foundational understanding of how the church has come to be and why that is relevant to their lives. Youth are encouraged to ask tough questions and learn how to sit with answers that are often not black and white. Our teachers are not experts but are fellow sojourners along the path of faith. Youth learn a great deal of information that aids them in faith formation and helps them build a vocabulary of faith so that they may speak their faith in a way that is authentic to their individual selves. In April, youth decide if they’d like to officially join the church and complete the Confirmation process, confirming the vows made on their behalf at baptism. Want to know more? Check out our Confirmation FAQs here.

For the 2021-2022 year, Confirmation will be for 8th and 9th graders in a combined class. Class meets in the Youth Center on Sundays at 9:45 am. Masks are required by all. 

Most lessons this year are from the Theocademy Curriculum. Theocademy Confirmation is structured to cover the “Great Themes of the Reformed Tradition” as found in the Book of Order (F-2.05).

2021-22 Confirmation Schedule

(Subject to change as the Spirit moves)

Oct 3:  “Brainwashing” (What is Confirmation?)

Oct 10:  “Not the Boss of Me” (Sovereignty of God)

Oct 17: “Get it and Give it” (Grace and Gratitude)

Oct 24: “Keeping it Real” (The Sacraments)

Oct 31: “#DFTBA” (God’s Providence)

Nov 7: “Deal With It” (Election/Predestination)

Nov 14: “Blessed to be a Blessing” (Election of the People to Service)

Nov 21: No class – Advent Craft Festival 

Nov 28: “Reconciled to God” (Election of the People for Salvation)

Dec 5: “Bound Together” (A Covenant Life)

Dec 12: Advent 

Dec 19: TBA: Possible Advent Lessons and Carols Brunch

Dec 26: no class – Merry Christmas! 

Jan 2: no class – Happy New Year! 

Jan 9: “Decent and in Order” (Covenant: An Ordered Life)

Jan 16: “The Word and the word” (Covenant: Life According to the Word of God)

Jan 23: “All Good Gifts” (Faith Stewardship)

Jan 30: “BLING!” (Shunning Ostentation)

Feb 6: “Very Good” (Proper Use of God’s Creation)

Feb 13: “No good, dirty sinner” (Human Sinfulness)

Saturday, Feb 19: Confirmand and Mentor Retreat at UPC (10am-4pm) 

Feb 20: “Idol Factories and Tyrants” (Sinfulness: Idolatry and Tyranny)

Feb 27: “Ministry of Reconciliation” (Called to work for Transformation)

Wed, Mar 2: Attend Ash Wednesday Service at 7:30pm

Mar 6: Lent

Mar 13: no class – Youth Sunday Brunch

Mar 20: Liturgical Seasons

Mar 27: no class – attend the Spring Break Service trip

April 3: Science and Faith

April 10: The Trinity

April 14 & 15: Attend the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Service

April 17: no class – Happy Easter – Statement of Faith due 4/19

April 24: The PCUSA, Session Examination at Lunch (required!) 

May 1: Confirmation Sunday at 11am worship 

May 8: Questions of faith! Ask your teachers anything! 

May 15: Last Day celebration