Cooking for PYC

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Here’s all you need to know to plan for your PYC meal. Remember that your meal for PYC is an act of service and a way to show our youth how to serve one another. Providing meals for PYC is a family event. WHOLE families are expected to participate as this helps youth of all ages understand what goes in to preparing a meal for a large group and increases the gratitude for every meal they receive at church.


  • Absolutely no tree nuts or peanuts in any of our food.
  • We do occasionally have a couple of vegetarians.
  • We have one high school youth who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts as well as all beans/legumes/chickpeas and shrimp.
  • We have two high schoolers with Celiac disease and they must have gluten-free food prepared properly to avoid cross-contamination.
  • We have one high school youth advisor with an allergy to onions. If a portion of whatever you’re making could be left onion-free, it would mean a lot.

Be sure to read labels and communicate with Kim regarding the meals you are bringing/creating. We can help you feed everyone safely!  Also, putting the food labels out is helpful so they can be read by youth as they are learning to manage their allergies on their own.

Thanks for going the extra mile to include everyone in our meal together! We don’t want youth to have to worry about any food at PYC and eating together is meaningful for all.

We will eat just a few minutes after 6pm and you can use the bar in the fellowship hall kitchen as the buffet on Theme Nights or the bar in the youth center as the buffet for middle schoolers on other nights. Beverages are typically water and lemonade (you’ll need to buy the mix). No soda! Also, the kitchens are lacking in large pots and pans. Plan to bring big or specialty stuff from home if you’re cooking at UPC. Leftovers can go home with you or you can leave it in the fridge for UPC staff. Be sure to send Kim a quick email if you leave it in the fridge.

Save all of your receipts and be sure to shop frugally. Put out a basket for youth to put their $5 at the start of the line. After youth go through the line, you can see how the cash and the receipts match up. If the cash isn’t enough, just leave it and give me your receipts and I’ll get you reimbursed if you like. Or you can take the cash in place of reimbursement. Donated food is greatly appreciated.

Joint middle and high school meals as well as high school only meals will be cooked and served in the Fellowship Hall Kitchen. Middle school only meals will be served in the Youth Center.