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Earth Care Sunday School Series

“Trashy Women” Kick Off Earth Care Sunday School Series
Sunday, January 12, 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Karin Mills and Linda Bourne, aka the “Trashy Women,” will kick off UPC’s Earth Care Sunday School series next Sunday, January 12, with their class “Composting, Recycling and Caring for Creation.” Owners of the Spotted Dog restaurant in Carrboro from 1998 to 2016, Karin and Linda have been in the trenches advocating sustainable practices for two decades. As members of Binkley Baptist Church’s Earth Ministries Green Team, they implemented a triple-stream collection system and waste diversion plan in 2018 to recycle and compost everything possible. Since then, they have inspired and advised countless others to join them in caring for creation.

“It may seem a lost cause at times, as we’re surrounded by so many destructive and poor environmental practices,” say Karin and Linda. “But we prefer to think positively. There are many ways to contribute to improving our world. We work from the ground up, teaching one person, group or organization at a time.” Visit the Trashy Women on Facebook at

UPC’s “Living into our Earth Care Pledge” Sunday School series will run through February 23 in Vance Barron Hall.