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Diners Club Groups Announced This Week

We’re launching diners groups this week!  Please be sure you have deacons@upcch.org in your address books, for we want every participant to share in the fun.
Initial group coordinators will hear from us first. They will receive their fellow diners names and contact information, along with some nurturing comments from your deacon care team. We are so grateful for your leadership.
Initiators will then reach out to their clubs to set up their first gathering. Ideally, this “eating” meeting will be easy and convenient for most. A suggested time frame might be within a month. But, each club can decide what works best for them.  We welcome your autonomy!
Diners Club group members will also receive an email from us. We will introduce the club roster and initiator. Each participating single and couple will have group contact info. We encourage you to connect with each other!
If, for any reason, anyone needs additional suggestions, contact us through the above email.
Happy Eating!


Ever wish you knew more about the interesting people at UPC?

Diners Club is a chance to do just that in a fun and easy way.


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What is UPC Diner’s Club?

The concept is simple. We want to connect groups of 7 to 9 people who may never have met and encourage them to share an occasional meal or outing. The group can decide how often to meet. Our only suggestion is that each member have a chance to host one time. Other dinner clubs we contacted met flexibly from one month to six weeks between outings. Or even less!

Lunch, brunch or dinner. Cookouts, covered dish in homes or meeting at popular restaurants is ideal. Individual groups will decide what to do and where to gather. Members will take turns hosting and either make reservations for the group to eat out or decide on the menu for an in home covered dish meal.

Singles will be joined alongside couples. Ages will be intermingled. All to introduce us to each other in a no frills, relaxed way.

Many groups may decide to mix up how they get together depending on rotating hosts. Some hosts may want members to come to their homes. Others may prefer making arrangements to eat out.