Virtual Choir Projects

Apr 11, 2020

Hi UPC Choirs! Let’s use this time of social distance to try to make some music together! Scroll down to your group for instructions:

Junior Choir

Wonder-Beautiful music PDF

Youth Choir

Our Youth Choir, along with members of the University United Methodist Youth Choir, will record Carlos Colon’s “Vencera el Amor”, which we were preparing for our annual benefit concert.

Recordings are due on Friday, April 25 


To record:

      1. Download your sheet music PDF (printing optional):
      2. Practice your voice part using this PDF and the sing-along tracks below. We will sing this piece once through in English only!

    3. When you’re ready, record yourself singing along with your voice part. Make sure you are using headphones so we only hear YOUR VOICE in the recording. Most iPhones can do this simultaneously – listening on SoundCloud and recording using the Voice Recorder. You may need two separate devices.

  1. 4. When you’re finished, upload your recording to our Google Drive
  2. 5. Make sure your track is labeled with your NAME and VOICE PART