UPC Walk to Jerusalem – 2021 Lenten Emphasis

“Walk to Jerusalem” is a multi-generational journey through Lent that encourages members of all ages to increase their physical activity, spiritual growth, and cultural awareness through an imagined walk to Jerusalem. We will be collecting and tracking our miles from Ash Wednesday (February 17) to Easter Sunday (April 4) to help us reach our destination.  A ‘mile’ is 20 minutes of any form of continued spiritual, physical, or volunteer activity, so there are many ways you can contribute mileage to the total.

Update as of 3/1/21: It appears that our Lenten “Walk to Jerusalem” turned into a sprint to Jerusalem, because we have already exceeded our original goal! So, we are adding a new challenge. Can we walk around the world (24,901 miles) and then to Jerusalem (6,112 miles) for a total of 31,013 miles? Let’s see if we can make it happen!

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