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UPC Digital Yearbook 2020

This year has been … different. But the energy, kindness, and generosity of UPC has remained constant.

Explore this page to see what your UPC family has been up to during 2020!

Send us your update!

Email with an image (or two) and a quick blurb telling us how you’re filling your time in quarantine and what the church has meant to you over the past few months.

We’ll post your update to this page!

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We have been taking advantage of the outdoors during Covid – at home, in the mountains and at the beach.

-John and Leigh Anderson

I really miss singing in the choir, but am so enjoying my small group discussions.

-Dede Corvinus

John and Ashley are holding down the fort in Chapel Hill. Wade is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis. Eleanor is a first year student at the United World College – USA campus in Montezuma, New Mexico.

-John, Ashley, Wade, & Eleanor Wilson


During the pandemic, we’ve done our best to spend lots of time outdoors. Whether we’re hiking the trails of Montreat, walking along Morgan Creek here in Chapel Hill, or simply playing ball with our new puppy in the backyard, we have enjoyed these months together as a family while spending time around all of God’s natural gifts.

But we also miss our UPC family so much! It has been wonderful to see many of you in our small group meet-ups, as well as occasionally around town at the grocery store or in the office. We look forward to the day when we can all be together again for worship and other UPC events!

— Brian, Karen, Rachel, Caroline, & Sarah Vandersea


2020 has brought lots of good family bonding time.  We have enjoyed a variety of fun family activities including puzzles, bike rides, front porch reading sessions, movie and popcorn nights.  We even tried a few new things…mud mask anyone? 

We miss our UPC family, but are grateful for our weekly online service and small group!

-Ella, Patrick, Shaun and Laura Horrigan

The power of prayer.

After two expected livers that did not pass the test for transplant at the very last minute, my cousin received the 3rd liver with an extremely successful transplant so far.

I am so appreciative of all my prayer warriors at UPC.

-Winnie Morgan

We’ve been spending lots of time outside, eating lots of ice cream, learning and working from home, and playing with our pandemic puppy Ollie.


Our internet service is cranky and we’re all feeling Zoom fatigue, so we have been especially grateful for some chances to connect with UPC in physical and in-person ways, including delivering yard signs and participating in small groups. We miss church and all of you!


– Ed, Jenni, Owen, Ruthie, and Milly Soccorso

We’ve started a new Sunday tradition: breakfast & church in bed. We’ve also taken a lot (a LOT) of walks.

-Naomi & Matt Sherry

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