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A Meal to Remember

Exodus 12:1-14, 26-27 Rev. Elizabeth Michael Preached at University Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill, NC September 10, 2017             Last week Kate preached from the third chapter of Exodus; today we pick up in chapter twelve.  I’ll ask your indulgence for a moment as I attempt to cover the ground of those nine intervening chapters before reading today’s lesson.  Last week left Moses standing barefoot beside


A Clear Call

September 3, 2017 Exodus 3:1-15; Romans 12:9-18 “A Clear Call” Through my work in the Admissions Office at Union Seminary, I had the privilege to hear hundreds of people share their stories of sensing God’s call.  I had a lot of practice of listening to call stories while attending seminary as well.  “So…what’s your call story?” was a frequent question around the campus, often a