We are grateful for the lay leaders who help guide and care for our congregation.


The Session is the governing body of University Presbyterian Church. It oversees all the committees and serves as the church’s representative and voice in Presbytery and denominational discussions.

Currently serving Elders are:

Class of 2024

Lyn Billings
Mary Bozymski
Liam Drake (youth elder)
Jay Klompmaker
Adam Lovelady
Lauren Mann
Colin Minton (youth elder)
Michael Olson
Aaron Lightner
Brian Vandersea

Class of 2025

Debbie Bevin
Mike Edmiston
Matt Marvin
Bob Mosteller
Nancy Oates
Robert Owen
Naomi Sherry
John “Spencer” Spencer

Class of 2026

Martha Aldridge
Jessica Beardsley
Scott Culley
Beth Keith
Brian Meacham
Sally Osmer
Donna Van Engen
Helen Warner

Clerk of Session

Betsy Edwards


The Deacons provide a pastoral and caring presence through ministries such as visitation, receptions for memorial services, meal trains, and more. Each deacon serves as the point of contact for neighborhoods within our congregation.

Currently serving deacons are:

Class of 2024

Ed Billings
Brent Chambers
David Lane
Susan Michaelson 
Colleen Minton
Madeline Mitchell 
Carolyn Schwarz 
James Smith
Judie Waters 

Class of 2025

Marla Dunham
Jim Evans
Mike Hammersley
Bob Johnson
Karen Morrell
April Smithwick
Chip Sudderth
Beth Auman Visser
Ashley Wallace


Class of 2026

Vicky Burriss
Beth Furr
Lauren Garber
Nancy Jennings
Lew Lampiris
Jon Leggette
Janet McDowell
Donald McMillan
Marianne Ratcliffe

2023 UPC Deacon Neighborhoods


Neighborhood #1
North Chapel, Hillsborough
Jim Evans

Neighborhood #3
Carol Woods
Marla Dunham

Neighborhood #4
North Lakeshore
Gwen Lamb

Neighborhood #5
Booker Creek, Erwin Road
Abby DeVries

Neighborhood #6
South Lakeshore, Estes Hills
Jesse Basnight

Neighborhood #7
Colony Woods, Legion Road
David Lane

Neighborhood #8
Homestead, Eubanks, Rogers Rd.
Sam Schilling

Neighborhood #9
Briarcliff, University Mall, Ridgefield
Karen Morrell

Neighborhood #10
Downtown Chapel Hill
Colleen Minton

Neighborhood #11
Jay Smith

Neighborhood #12
Carolina Meadows
Beth Auman Visser

Neighborhood #13
Susan Michaelson

Neighborhood #14
Doug Lawson

Neighborhood #15
North Carrboro, Lake Hogan, and West
Ward Mann and Carolyn Schwarz

Neighborhood #16
Jones Ferry, Carrboro
Ashley Wallace

Neighborhood #17
Southern Chapel Hill
Brent Chambers

Neighborhood #18
Southern Village
Madeline Mitchell

Neighborhood #19
Polk’s Landing, Heritage Hills,
Robin Thomas

Neighborhood #20
Fearrington Village
Bob Johnson

Neighborhood #21
North/Central Durham
Chip Sudderth

Neighborhood #22
The Oaks
Laura Aycock/Mike Hammersley

Neighborhood #23
Southeast Chapel Hill, Governor’s
April Smithwick

Neighborhood #24
The Cedars
Shannon Pace

Neighborhood #25
Galloway Ridge, Pittsboro
Fred Hill

Neighborhoods #26
Wake County and East
Craig Shreve

Neighborhoods #27 and #2
Woodcroft and Hope Valley, Durham, Timberlyne, Piney Mountain
Judie Waters