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The Road to Glory

March 25, 2018 Palm/Passion Sunday Mark 11:1-11 “The Road to Glory” Reverend Elizabeth Michael   In my biblical studies classes, we were taught to pay attention when the pace of scripture slowed way down.  Especially in Mark…Mark who moves the quickest of the gospel writers, whose favorite word is “immediately” and who rushes Jesus on from scene to scene with hardly a breath or extra


Hosannas Betrayed

Mark 11:1-11 A Sermon by Robert E. Dunham University Presbyterian Church Chapel Hill, North Carolina Palm/Passion Sunday                April 9, 2017             Palm Sunday is such an enigmatic day.  It feels, on the one hand, like a festival.  There is mirth and jubilation, the waving of palm fronds.  The crowds greeting Jesus are hopeful, expectant. “Hosanna!” they shout.  They remember the 118th Psalm: they cry, “Blessed