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The Lives We Spend

The spring I turned 20 I went to work as an intern in our State Attorney’s Office in Florida. I had campaigned for him when I was in high school, and when I mentioned later that I was thinking about law school, he arranged for me to spend six months touring various divisions of his office, so that I could get a feel for what


How We Wait

When our son, Nate, was three, he seemed eager for the world beyond our apartment, and so we signed him up for preschool at a Presbyterian church several miles from where we lived. I was pleased by what I saw in the classroom. I was drawn to the kind and energetic teachers. I was sure he would thrive in this place, so I happily anticipated


God’s Child

When I am making my home near Asheville, the day of the week I am easiest to find is Wednesday. I will rearrange a lot of commitments on my calendar so that I can be on Haywood Street by the middle of the morning. The parking is lousy, but once I find a spot, I join the crowd of people coming and going from a


Saints Together

SAINTS TOGETHER Matthew 5:1-12 A Communion Meditation by Robert E. Dunham University Presbyterian Church Chapel Hill, North Carolina All Saints’ Sunday                  November 6, 2016             Tuesday looms large in everyone’s hearts and minds, as we try to find our way through in such an unsettled time in our land. Somewhere this week I read someone’s comment that it feels like we are watching a