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Welcome Home

July 2, 2017 Matthew 10:40-42 When I reflect on the word welcome, I think about my Grandma Hollie and her gifts of hospitality.  Every summer, my family traveled to visit the grandparents.  Grandma Hollie lived deep in the country, off the Chesapeake Bay—the Rivah they called it.  Once the car wove around the corn fields and hit the long gravel driveway, my heart would start


Love’s Triple Play

Love’s Triple Play June 11, 2017 2 Corinthians 13:11-13 Matthew 28:16-20 I watch a lot of baseball, but I have never witnessed a triple play. Triple plays rarely occur; it’s a combination of circumstances and action that doesn’t happen often.  In fact, during the ten years from 2000-2009, only 35 triple plays were recorded throughout all the games in Major League Baseball.[1]  The thrill of


Posture of Faith

Matthew 14:22-33 Rev. Elizabeth Michael Preached at University Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill May 28, 2017             One ordinary Sunday morning during worship in my last congregation, the liturgy was moving smoothly and predictably…we’d sung a hymn, recited the prayer of confession together, passed some peace, made it through the children’s sermon with a minimal amount of orthodoxy still intact…and then it came time for the


Easter Courage

EASTER COURAGE Matthew 28:1-10 A Sermon by Robert E. Dunham University Presbyterian Church Chapel Hill, North Carolina Third Sunday of Easter April 30, 2017             I know Easter Sunday was two weeks ago, but Elizabeth’s reflections last Sunday on the disciples cowering behind locked doors had me thinking this week about what difference Easter makes. So, I’ve come back to the Easter story for a


Saints Together

SAINTS TOGETHER Matthew 5:1-12 A Communion Meditation by Robert E. Dunham University Presbyterian Church Chapel Hill, North Carolina All Saints’ Sunday                  November 6, 2016             Tuesday looms large in everyone’s hearts and minds, as we try to find our way through in such an unsettled time in our land. Somewhere this week I read someone’s comment that it feels like we are watching a