Godly Play

Godly Play invites children to engage Bible stories with curiosity and wonder.

During the Program Year (Sept-May), we offer Godly Play for 4 year olds (by 9/1/23)-Kindergarteners in our 11:00 am service. Godly Play provides worship education and faith formation through storytelling, wondering, and creative play. Following the Time with Children, the Godly Play Doorkeeper will lead participating children through the door nearest the pulpit to the Godly Play room.

In Godly Play, we trust that given the opportunity, children will bring their own life experiences to the stories of God and will receive what they need. At the heart of each session is the telling of the story, experienced in the contexts of both the chronology of scripture and the church calendar. The storyteller uses simple, beautiful materials to illustrate the story and to engage imagination. The structure of GPCW and the classroom itself offers children a safe space to explore, wonder, and worship.


A group of children sitting in a circle on the floor, with their Godly Play teacher sitting with them