Nominating Committee Seeks Congregational Input

Dec 17, 2019

Submit Nominations for the Deacon and Elder Classes of 2024

The 2021 Nominating Committee is seeking your input in its discernment process. The congregation is invited to nominate members of University Presbyterian Church for the office of Elder and Deacon. The committee will consider prayerfully all candidates submitted by the congregation as they prepare a slate for the next three year term (2022-2024). Read about the gifts desired for each office below and click the link to submit nominations. You may also use a paper form found in the church narthex.

Your 2021 Nominating Committee is: Chelsey Wommack, Donna Van Engen, Lee Scott, Erin Kent, Elizabeth Gibson,  Nancy Pfaltzgraff, Matt Marvin, Elizabeth Gibson, Jean Lusted, Chair Woody Burns, and staff liasons, Kim McNeill, and Jarrett McLaughlin

Office of Deacon

Qualities of a Deacon:“The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of compassion, witness, and
service after the example of Jesus Christ. Persons of spiritual character, honest repute,
of exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, sincere compassion, and sound judgment should be chosen for this office.” (Book of Order  G-6.0401)Duties of a Deacon:Deacons strive to provide care and connection to the members of the congregation.Each deacon will be asked to:

      • Maintain regular contact with the members of his/her neighborhood: checking in with members a few times a year; welcoming new members assigned to the neighborhood; working with church staff to offer particular care to the aging, grieving, and sick; and praying for the neighborhood.
      • Serve on one of the Board of Deacons care teams, offering time and energy to ministries to older adults, home communions, visitation, flowers and cards, meal train, or memorial receptions.
      • Regularly attend monthly meetings of the Board of Deacons.
      • Attend new officer training, be examined by Session, and be ordained/installed in worship

Excellent candidates will be:

  • Actively involved at University Presbyterian Church, attending worship regularly
  • Compassionate persons, willing to initiate contact with others and able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Filled with a desire to serve God in this place

The Nominating Committee will seek to nominate a slate of candidates that will effectively represent the rich diversity within this congregation.   

Office of Elder

Qualities of an Elder:

Elders are charged with nurturing the faith and life of the congregation. “Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel, both within the church and in the world.” (Book of Order, G-6.0106)

Duties of an Elder:

  • Supporting the worship and ministry of this congregation through active participation and the sharing of resources. Elders are strongly encouraged to take part in worship, education classes, fellowship events, and the annual church retreat.
  • Serving communion, and representing the session at baptisms, as needed and available
  • Attending monthly stated and called  meetings of the session and diligently addressing the matters that come before the session for decision.
  • Serving on and eventually chairing a committee of session (most of which meet monthly).
  • Acting as a commissioner to meetings of our presbytery, as needed and available
  • Attend new officer training in the fall.

Excellent candidates will be:

  • Actively involved in University Presbyterian Church, giving of their time and resources
  • Able to work well as part of a team and also to lead members in the work of the church.
  • Filled with a desire to serve God in this place

The Nominating Committee will seek to nominate a slate of candidates that will effectively represent the rich diversity within this congregation.  

Submit a Nomination


Who may be suggested as a candidate?

All members are eligible for nomination.

Who may recommend a candidate?

Any member of UPC may recommend candidates.

Do I need permission from the candidate before I submit his or her name?

No, the Nominating Committee will verify candidates’  willingness to serve before they are nominated.  (You need prior permission only if you choose to make a nomination from the floor during a congregational meeting.)

May I submit my own name?