UPC Racial Equity Team – an update

Mar 29, 2021

The Racial Equity Team is pleased that the Session of UPC affirmed our mission statement at their last meeting:

As members of University Presbyterian Church, we trust the word of God will guide us as we grow in relationships with one another and our neighbors. We acknowledge that as siblings in Christ, we have different histories, experiences, and perspectives that inform our views on race and racism. Our diverse experiences will fuel our work together as we seek to understand, identify, and resist racism. As such, we strive to:

Trust our sacred obligation to work toward and sustain racial, cultural, and social justice for all of God’s creation.

Continue to choose welcome, foster inclusion, and challenge inequality in all of its manifestations.

Galvanize the church to act on issues of racism, violence, and poverty as prophetic witnesses to Christ’s transforming justice.

We look forward to providing more details about a summer Adult Education series and other projects in the works.

Please let us know if you have thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or would like to become involved with our unfolding work.  Any of our committee members would love to hear from you.

Mellicent Blythe
May Bryan
Woody Burns
Lillie Chilton
Megan Crunkleton
Deborah Jones
Erin Kent
Day McLaughlin
Thomas Normand
Hank Waters