Stewardship 2020



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Campaign Update (as of 12/30/19)

 $1,531,652 Dollars Pledged

344 Pledges Made

138 Pledges increased from 2019


A Season for Stewardship

Each year we enter a time of discernment and faithful prayer about what it means to be stewards of God’s gifts. The Stewardship Committee has worked diligently to provide meaningful ways to engage with the process, including gatherings, announcements, brochures, videos, and even this site. As we walk together through this season, may we all be attentive to God’s call.

Stewardship Letter


Stewardship Moments & Sermons


9/22/19 Stewardship Moment- Brian Curran

9/29/20 – Stewardship Moment- Aaron Cook

10/6/19 Stewardship Moment- Evan Aycock

10/13/19 Stewardship Moment- Emily Damone

10/20/19 Stewardship Moment- May Bryan

Weekly Newsletters


Weekly Newsletter

The Optimism of God’s Grace

Trusting God’s Love and Care

Creating Opportunities

A Congregation Committed to Service

Finding Scrappy Faith in Sparkling Places


Stewardship Committee

2020 Stewardship Campaign Chairs: Kelli and Scott Smith.

UPC Stewardship Committee: John & Leigh Anderson, Perry Aycock, Richard Duncan, Daphne Little, Nancy Oates, Naomi Sherry, Jenni Soccorso, Brian Vandersea, Bill Whisnant, and Ashley Wilson


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