Taizé Service of Healing & Wholeness (April 9)

Mar 15, 2024

Candlelit church Taizé worship service with text overlay "Taizé service of healing & wholeness."

Healing was an integral part of the ministry of Jesus. The church has been called to continue this ministry as one dimension of its concern for the wholeness of people. Through services for wholeness and healing, the church enacts in worship its ministry as a healing community. (Book of Order, Directory for Worship, W-3.5401)

Christian healing is about wholeness. Sickness and health are not limited to our physical selves: we can seek healing in body, mind, and spirit; and we can yearn for wholeness in our lives, our relationships with others, our world, and all of creation.

Join us for a special service of healing and wholeness on Tuesday, April 9, at 7:30 pm in the sanctuary. This service will be in the Taizé tradition with candles, prayers in both silence and song, and scripture readings. A blessing will be offered at the end of the service, and an option to be anointed with oil will also be offered. All are invited to attend.