Pastoral Care

We’re here for you when things get tough.

Pastoral care offers support during life’s major turning points, as well as during extended periods of disability and recovery. We seek to offer timely, professional pastoral care in a personal and confidential manner. We respect your right to privacy and keep information and conversations confidential, sharing only that which we have been given specific permission to share.

What is pastoral care?

    Pastoral care is walking with someone in their time of trial, hurt, or misfortune. It is a ministry of presence and guidance. Pastoral care is not therapy or counseling, as our pastoral staff are not licensed providers. Sometimes, pastoral care may involve making a reference to therapy or counseling for specific support and help.


    When do we need pastoral care?

    • In times of illness or hospitalization, or when facing significant health concerns
    • In times of grief and loss
    • In times of significant transition and change, or when making big decisions
    • When you have questions about faith or need spiritual direction
    • When wanting to pre-plan your funeral
    • When welcoming new additions to your family
    • When home-bound or temporarily unable to connect with our faith community

    If you have a concern or a request to share, you can confidentially reach our pastoral team via the form below.


    Emergency pastoral care

    Emergency pastoral care is available…(details about on call here)

    Share a Concern or Request

    Pastoral Care Request

    If you have a concern or request to share, please fill out this confidential form. A member of our pastoral team will be in touch in a timely manner.
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    Would you like us to publish this request in our prayer list? Names are published in our bulletin only with permission, with minimal to no details shared, for a period of two weeks. Requests received after Wednesday will be mentioned verbally on Sunday and printed the week after.

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